Friday, August 10, 2012

How I Feel About UPM

The day that I’ve been waiting for has arrived. The result of UPU has came out at 12 noon. I thought, I would have received a certificate from any university that I’ve appealed before. I had never hoped that I’ll receive a foundation programme from any university that I’ve appealed to because my SPM result was not too good that i wouldhave made it to any foundation courses even though I’ve been applied for it before the SPM result have came out. When I entered my IC number to check the UPU result, i had never been so shocked! I couldn’t breathe and suddenly I began to cry  slowly. I got offered to study at University Putra Malaysia in Foundation in Agriculture Science. My sister was the first person that I told that I had a place in the foundation programme at UPM. She was very happy for me. I was my parents' last hope of any of their children that can enter university. I am so grateful at all for this result. At least, I can fulfill my parents wishes of seeing their children entering university.
My first impression of foundation in agriculture science is, “do I have to work only in agriculture course? ” with the technology is only in one click, I have discovered about it in the web. I have got the answer for my circumstance, the course is so wide. I can further my degree after foundation in UPM in Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Forestry, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Faculty of Engineering and many more. I have asked many of my family members, friends, senior and teachers they have come out with many feedbacks. I asked them because I have been confused about furthering my study in foundation or matriculation. Many of my friends will be going in matriculation. None of my friends in my batch got an offer from UPM. Only me. I’m so scared to further my study with all of new people. There is no one that I know. If I further my study in matriculation, at least, I have many friends to go with. At last, to make the last decision, I prayed istikharah to Allah. I know, Allah knows what is the best for me and Alhamdulillah, I got the answer.
I have told others about my decision and my family had supported me. But there are some friends asked, “Don’t you have to become a farmer went you out from that course?“ the stupid question have make me felt down at first, but I get it out of my mind and I felt better at last. The first day in UPM was great! It was so sad for being far from my family. The first week was so bored and so tired, the orientation week. We were lacking of sleep because we only slept 4 hours per day. After the first week, our class has started. I have been listed in lecture five. There are 50 students in that lecture at the beginning and now it left 48. The two students have further their studies other course. All of them are kind-hearted. Many of their SPM results’ have flying in color. I felt so small surrounded by excellent students. At first, I felt so scared and useless in that class, but my lecturer said, “All of you are the same and forget your SPM result because when you enter the university, all of you are same. This is just the beginning” from that, I felt better and try my hardest to forget the past and begin a new life here.
It is so interesting for entering this course, Agriculture in Science because we have to do practical outdoors. It’s so fun! Other universities don’t have this course, it’s only in UPM. I’m so grateful for being here. UPM scenery is so beautiful. I love UPM so much! Thanks UPM for taking me as one of your student in Agriculture in Science batch 2012/2013.

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